Home Remedies for Seborrheic Keratosis

Whenever you see that an abnormal growth of keratin has grown in certain parts of your skin, then it would be most likely that you are affected with Seborrheic Keratoses.  One of the most primary misconceptions that people have about Seborrheic Keratoses is that they can only appear in the skins of Caucasian people. This is something that is very far from the truth, and people from all races can be equally affected from this disease. The abnormal growth that you would find on your skin would be painless, and there are a lot of techniques and home remedies that you can use in order to ensure that Seborrheic Keratoses is removed from your skin.

One of the best-known home treatments for Seborrheic Keratoses would be the use of glycolic acid solution. Before you actually go about testing the solution on your skin, you should always try this medication in an experimental area. For this purpose, you would have to isolate a portion of your skin affected with this disease, and make it the guinea pig of all your experiments.

One of the best things that you can do with the glycolic acid solution is to spray it in light intensity upon the affected surface. After a while, increase the frequency of your spraying, and the mode should also become media in intensity. Successfully done over two days, you would get the result of the utilisation of this solution by the mode of your skin becoming lighter.

Another treatment that you would find to be very applicable is the use of liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is a sub-zero chemical, and therefore it should be used with a spray gun. The cold liquid nitrogen may be first applied in that test patch of the affected area of the skin and it should be noted down as to whether this causes any irritation or not. If there is no irritation, then you can use it in the other affected portion of your body, and within a matter of weeks, you would find the Seborrheic Keratoses getting removed from your body.

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  1. Jimy says:

    Home remedies for seborrheic keratoses are great, but just if you use them very quick after the apparence of it. If you have a 2 years let’s say seborrheic keratoses and you try home remedies, you have very small chances to obtain some positive results 🙂

    • Sarah says:

      Jimy, I don’t get you. Why someone would use home remedies for seborrheic keratosis when he can ask a doctor to do the removal?

      I hope I won’t need to point all things from: self removal VS doctor removal 🙂

  2. dave miles says:

    ok…have read articles and comments on the removal of the lesions…have read the same for home treatment of them (where exactly can I buy a can of liquid nitrogen????) but nobody has said anything about the ITCH associated with them…my gosh, it’s maddening, and anti-itch creams don’t work very well at all!!! and you would think with all the money we’re paying for pharmaceutical labs they would come up with how and why these lesions come up and a PREVENTIVE cure for it…

  3. Open says:

    Hi, I’ve had lots lots of blu light treatments from many drnfeieft offices. The first experience I had with them was in 06 and I was pregnant, so it was really the only safe treatment I could do for my acne. Yes, it is effective IF you get enough of them. The recommended amount is 8-12 individual treatments (about 2 treatments a week for 4-6 weeks). One or two treatments is not enough if you have cystic acne and you’re really inflamed. The instructions are not really relevant because the nurse at the derm office will know what to do, and set you up accordingly. There are no side effects from the light, but you still need to wear safety goggles. Probably a precautionary thing. Also, if you get a microdermabrasion before a few of the treatments, it will help the light penetrate deeper. They can also do a beta-lift peel first (which is salicylic acid) and this will also assist the light’s effectiveness and help dry the sebacious glands which is what produces the oil that causes the acne. Make sure you wash your face before treatments and get enough of them before expecting major results. Blu light is an awesome alternative to topical acne meds, etc. Just be patient. Good luck 🙂

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