How to treat seborrheic keratosis naturally?

Hello, since i was 28 i have had this weird looking scaly things on my back, upon visiting the dermatologist, i was informed that it was seborrheic keratosis, how can i treat it naturally? It is making my back look awful.

Lately, some brown sports have been appearing on my arms, they are waxy looking. I have asked my friends what it maybe and they are all saying it is seborrheic keratosis and i believe them. How do i treat seborrheic keratosis naturally and easily?
I have always known that i have seborrheic keratosis, but of late they have become inflamed whenever i wear jewelry. What are the natural way of treating seborrheic keratosis without harming my skin?

Since i reached my 40s, some brown raised scaly patches have been developing on my skin. I was worried that it may be cancer but my dermatologist told me it was seborrheic keratosis. Is there a natural way to treat seborrheic keratosis?

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  1. Diana says:

    I don’t know if there is any “natural remedy for seborrheic kreatosis” that really works. As I know the growths need to be removed, so you need a removal procedure there not a cream or some herbs.

    Anyway, I can recommend you creams with aloe vera for seborrheic keratosis if your growths are irritated or itchy. Aloe vera will help you a lot 😉

  2. Linda Curttis says:

    Hello Ana. Please tell us what do you understand with “treating seborrheic keratosis naturally”.

    • Ana says:

      With naturally treatment I mean using herbs, creams or something that is natural and don’t involve a knife if you know what I mean 😀

      • Linda Curttis says:

        Well Ana, I’m afraid that there is no way to get rid of seborrheic keratosis “naturally” how do you want.

        The single option is to cut, burn or freeze the growths. Those are natural methods too 😀

        PS. Don’t be afraid of the removal procedure, there is no pain 🙂

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  3. galetia says:

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  4. Saif says:

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