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Seborrheic keratoses can be described as harmless skin lesions which are common in adult life. They usually resemble senile warts or brown warts. Also known as cell papillomas, the growths cannot become malignant or lead to any other cancerous diseases. In the early stages, they usually show signs of skin colored brown spots and eventually they begin to thicken. One must remain acutely aware that the condition is not contagious therefore cannot spread because of skin contact. With time, seborrheic keratoses become dark/black and the color change may also appear like a type of skin cancer. The growths do not restrict themselves to a particular part of the body. They attack both covered and uncovered parts.

The treatment of this condition at home is possible without the help of a professional. Despite the fact that many may argue the condition does not warrant or necessitate treatment, others may find them unsightly. They may also bleed because of clothing. Removing the growths is quite a simple process that does not cause scarring.

Various treatment methods at home for Seborrheic Keratoses

ü  The use of liquid nitrogen is effective and does not need any professional application. This is also known as cryosurgery. However, this method may be less effective when the seborrheic keratoses has developed to large growths. It is an effective treatment method for the growths that are at an early stage. If performed soberly and objectively, the treatment will not result into hypo pigmentation.

  • You can also make use of a special instrument to scrap the growths. This method is known as curettage. Alongside cryosurgery, the method is effective for thin and flat growths.
  • The use of electric current to destroy the growths is regarded as the most effective. Nevertheless, it needs a lot of caution so as not to cause scarring. In comparison to other methods, it may take longer to yield the desired results.
  •  If the growths are not bleeding or irritating, the use of mild steroid creams can help to reduce their effect. On top of this, you can also use hydroxyl lotions which are also in a position to alleviate the condition.
  • Freezing is also an effective method of treating the growths at home. With the use of a cotton swab, you can apply liquid nitrogen to the affected parts in order to freeze them. A spray gun can also be used. After a few weeks, the keratoses will begin to fall off. This method is preferred by many victims because it does not leave any marks on the skin.

It is advisable to select a Seborrheic Keratoses treatment method that will not lead to any further skin damage. If you are not sure of the procedure for treating the condition at home, seek professional help from a competent dermatologist.

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  1. Ksana says:

    Do you think that is safe to treat seborrheic keratoses at home? I think will be better to talk with a medic before starting, don’t you?

    • Dr. Linda says:

      @Ksana, seborrheic keratoses is not a big deal and can be treated at home whithout worries, as time as you will treat it following the doctor advice.

      The single problem is with the seborrheic treatment in pregnancy, because there you need to be careful with what do you use.

  2. Mox says:

    I think that I have seborrheic keratosis and I have been told that there are some lotions that can help me. Please guide me on the best option available and what lotions or creams can I use to remove the seborrheic keratosis. Thank you!

  3. Ildico says:

    I want a home treatment for seborrheic keratosis.
    From different reasons I can’s go to a doctor. I would like to remove them at home. Please let me know what is the best seborrheic keratosis treatment at home…

    • Linda Curttis says:

      Ildico, you need to see a doctor to confirm you that your growths are seborrheic keratosis. I’m telling you that you need to see a doctor because seborrheic keratosis can be very easy confused with skin cancer.

  4. Katrina says:

    Does blue light acne treatment aclualty work? I have severe acne ?I’m going to start this kind of treatment next month and I would really like to know if it works. i’ve tried everything to treat my acne. it’s just gotten worse and worse throughout the years despite the medications prescribed by dermatologists i’ve used.TO ANYONE WHO HAS GOTTEN BLUE LIGHT ACNE TREATMENT BEFORE: does it work? if so, how long does it take to notice results? or does it make your acne worse? and what are some side effects?thanks i really appreciate answers.

  5. Kristina says:

    I understood that you could not buy or use cryo at home as you had to be qualified to a certain medical standard?

  6. NOX says:

    Yep, that’s right 🙂
    And it’s a good thing because you can cause yourself pretty nasty scars if you aren’t using it right 😉

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